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How to prepare for

How to prepare for SBI PO Exam

Crack The Nutshell of SBI PO Mains:

In today's world of high competition, a point one mark is highly important to get the selection. Here are some of the beneficial tips that might be fruitful in your preparations.  

All the aspirants appearing for the exam work hard, study day and night to clear the test. But only a few are able to crackdown the exam. Clearing the SBI Probationary exam is not a fantasy. It really requires hard work to be done with smartness. Here are some uncommon things the students do to perform better than others competitors.


SBI PO Grip the Basics:

Firstly, go through the NCERT books of 8, 9 and 10th class. Make your fundamentals clear and strong. 


Brush Your Knowledge:

Prior before the exam, in the last week, brush up and all the knowledge, that you have acquired for the preparation.
Make a notebook, divide it into five equal sections of SBI po English, Aptitude, Reasoning, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness. This notebook will be very much useful for the quick and last time review. 


English Section:

Learn and write everyday 5 new words from the dictionary. Read the English newspaper on a daily basis to increase the vocabulary. 

Quantitative Aptitude:

Solve all the problems of one topic in a day. Suppose if you start with Time and Distance chapter, then work out on all distinct types of problems. At the end of the day, you should be able  to solve any problem regarding that concern topic. 



Practice as much as you can. Solve as much more problems as you can in the entire day. Try to figure out, what are your weak points. Eliminate those weak areas, by doing daily practice of SBI po exam. Consequently you will be able to troubleshoot the problems on the very next day.


General Knowledge:

It is being consider as the most vast section. Students often get confuse what to read, from where to read, what to leave and where to end. It is being a genuine advise to all the SBI aspirants to strictly go through the syllabus of SBI curriculum. Study only those topics that are mention in the syllabus.


Computer Awareness:

If you are a tech savy, and daily using the computer then there is no need to study for this subject. But if you are not technology friendly, then acquire the general knowledge of computer hardware as well as software. Go through the basics of computer, that is enough for clearing the cut off.

Proper revision at the last time, is the main key factor of getting succeed in the exam. Brush up all the current knowledge, formulas, short tricks, derivatives two or three times before the final exam.

Practice at least two sbi po online mock papers. This will build your inner confidence as well as gives time for improvement. 

Plan the Strategy of how to attempt the test:

Distribute the time slot for every subject. Initially, attempt the section that is most difficult to you. Thereafter, attempt the easier sections as they are easy to answer. There are many puzzling problems also, that requires a lots of time to solve. Try to skip these questions to save your every single moment. Go for the next one, and try to crack the another question.


Accuracy With Speed:

Keep in mind, attempt only those questions, for whom answer you are sure. Think twice before answering the question. Never attempt those questions that gives you negative marking.


Build Your Self Confidence: 

Practice mock test paper daily. This will improve your self confidence day by day. Things will automatically start falling positive on your side, when you have firm belief on yourself.

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