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How to prepare for MCA - Masters of Computer Application

Master of Computer Application is a postgraduate degree in India. This degree is in the field of Computer Applications. Students who are opting for MCA should have Mathematics as their core subject. This can be either in the twelfth or in graduation. This entrance exam sends the students to the best institutes in the country on basis of merit. The All India MCA Entrance Exam also known as AIMCET is held every year. A large number of candidates give this entrance exam due to which the cutoff is very high. Candidates can read on how to prepare for MCA, as we bring for you some quick tips.

Examination pattern for MCA –

  1. There will be three sections in the exam.
  2. The first section will test the analytical ability.
  3. The second section will consist of Mathematical ability.
  4. The third section will evaluate the Communication ability.

Tips on how to prepare for MCA entrance exam –

  1. Start preparations as soon as you plan to give this exam.
  2. There are three sections in this paper. Candidates need to give equal importance to all the three sections.
  3. Candidates need to prepare proper schedule with timelines for this exam.
  4. All study material for this exam needs to be prepared at first.
  5. All the three sections of the exam are to be prepared thoroughly.
  6. No topic from any subject is to be left out.
  7. Practice for each type of question is required.
  8. Minimum 6-7 hours of study everyday is required for this test.
  9. The preparation needs to be started at least 6 months prior to the date of the exam.
  10. The study material should be over at least 2 months prior to the exam date.
  11. This exam has an unusual pattern of questions.
  12. Candidates need to give as many mock tests as possible.
  13. The score in these mock tests should be towards the increasing side.
  14. Areas where the candidates are losing out should be studied in depth again.
  15. Questions are very confusing and candidates need to study the questions carefully.
  16. All questions are not of the similar type.
  17. Candidates need not panic and rush to solve the answer.
  18. It is recommended to join a preparation institute for best results.
  19. Candidates should not get stressed out due to all this preparation.
  20. Candidates need to divide their time as per the section. Remember that your logical ability is best when your nerves are calm. You would require your reasoning and logic to be as sharp.

Tips on what to do on the day of the exam –

  1. Candidates should get sound rest on the previous night.
  2. Dress in comfortable clothes on the day of the exam.
  3. Take a quick glance at all the questions at first.
  4. Start by answering the easier questions.
  5. Keep your confidence level high during the exam.
  6. Do not get panicked during the exam due to any reason.
  7. Ensure proper time management during the exam.
  8. Do not lose focus and phase out while giving the exam.
  9. Reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the arrival time.
  10. Read the question and understand it before answering.
  11. Many questions will look like you know what the answer is, but even then read it completely.
  12. Speed and precision are the two things one is looking for.
  13. It is not necessary to answer all the questions.
  14. It is important to give as minimum wrong answers as possible.
  15. If you are stuck at a question, do not waste time, move ahead first.
  16. Later at the end if you have time then return to that question.
  17. Do not waste time on solving a lengthy question.
  18. Sometimes lengthy questions are there to waste the time of the student.
  19. Students have to understand the tricks to be used during the exam.
  20. A lot of questions have a shortcut method of solving the exam.
  21. Do as much mental mathematics as possible to save the time of writing the steps.
  22. No need to be in a rush.
  23. Cool and calm approach is required.
  24. Aim at getting a high score and rest will fall in place.
  25. During the exam, doesn’t start counting how many questions have you answered.
  26. The competition is high and hence cut off will also be high.


Give it your best shot and everything will be okay. Remember to keep your nerves under control. 

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