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How to prepare for Learning Ability

A very famous personality, Benjamin Franklin has said that” If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Therefore, knowledge is all about learning new things. In today’s modern era, people do not have time to look after themselves. Technology is such an asset which is being helpful in a large manner. People should take help of technology and its gadgets in order to improve their learning ability. Though, technology has some drawbacks too but overall it leads to development of a person.

More Technology friendly and Less Eco – Friendly

Nowadays, everyone has become more technology friendly and less eco – friendly. Students are more interested in playing with the gadgets. In today’s time students’ learning ability can be improved with the help of this new technology only. The more one becomes friendly with the technology, the more they learn.


Imagination encircles the world

Some great personality has said that Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited whereas imagination encircles the world. In modern era, Students have less interest in reading and more in having practical knowledge of things. It has even become necessary to have practical knowledge of related subjects before going out in the working world.


Technology reduces face to face communication

Technology also has negative drawbacks. Therefore, one should look for other aspects to improve their learning ability.


Keep Calm and Take a Walk

Students should take a walk in their free time especially if it is morning or evening.  A walk would not only freshen up one’s mind but will also help in gaining positive energy. A walk helps in letting you know about your surroundings and people living nearby. A walk also helps in socializing.

Underline Important Facts

Other than this, one can also underline every important line or paragraph with a marker so that whenever a person turns the page, they definitely give a look towards the coloured part. Underlined facts will always be beneficial.  At the end day of the examination, one can go through the underlined facts.

Make Self Study Notes

One should make their own study notes which means that it might happen that one finds the notes on a matter from different sources. Therefore, one should note it down at one place.

Flashcards can be of some help

Flashcards can also help students to remember every small detail like important dates and events can be noted down in the flashcard and pasted on the wall in front of your bed.

Make Reminders and Alerts

Do not handle these reminders as routine reminders. Take them seriously and treat them as an alert. Create milestones and evaluate your progress at every milestone. Mark yourself as passed or failed at every review.

Take help of Case Studies

One can also take help of case studies. Case studies are more useful for people studying law or business. One should organize their study time table. Time should be managed properly. Time should be divided in such a way that every topic is covered. One should focus more on tough topics because they are the ones with utmost knowledge.

Exercise is a must have

Bodily disturbances should be taken care of nicely which means that one should adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes meditation, yoga, walk, jogging, exercise, etc. One needs to blank out from all other worries in order to concentrate in one specific direction.

Take a break and Relax

One should also relax because continuous pressure on mind may lead to many health problems. Health problems are very common today due to busy and hectic lifestyle.

Make a habit of learning new things

One should also establish their learning style. One should be firm and contented about learning anything. In such a way, one can improve their learning abilities.

Be inquisitive

In order to improve learning ability, individual should ask questions.  Queries should be brought and cleared so that everything is cleared. Bring up your queries as much as you can because asking multiple questions will clear your problems and make your mind clear.

Make your basics clear

For improving learning ability, it is very necessary to clear one’s basics. Basics of the particular area need to be very clear in order to understand the concepts. Theoretical knowledge is not enough, one need to thorough knowledge of all the subject and concepts practically too.

Opt Group Study Option

One should opt for group study as much as he can because group studies are very beneficial. So many people in the group have different opinions and different knowledge on different topics. It might happen that only one person in a group know about the concepts of a topic. In this way that one person can be very beneficial for the rest of the members of the group.

Make reading a good habit

One should read as many journals as they can.  If needed, people should also watch tutorials. Read such matter which is easily accessible through magazines, graphic novels, instruction manuals, diagrams, maps, catalog, non – fiction or newspaper.

Pooper sleep is as necessary as Proper Meal

One should take proper sleep because proper sleep is required to give rest to the human body especially mind.  Two hours nap is must to relax. Taking bath is better before taking a nap.

Physical Activities

Physical activities that require hand-eye coordination or complex motor skills are particularly beneficial for brain building. One should not only involve in extracurricular activities for entertainment purpose but to improve overall social skills. By working and teaming up with other people, people will learn many things like communication, negotiate, manage conflict, cooperation, helping others and to lead and develop leader quality.


Cut back on Alcohol and Caffeine

People should avoid consumption of too much alcohol and caffeine because they both affect the body and mind in a large way. Some people are highly sensitive, and even morning coffee may interfere with sleep at night. Try reducing your intake or cutting it out entirely if you suspect it’s keeping you up.

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body

A very famous personality has also said that healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If the person is not healthy then, he or she cannot concentrate anywhere. Person with declined and poor health cannot do any good.

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