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How to prepare for IPS Exam and Interview

The Civil Services IPS Exam is held by UPSC every year. IPS Exam is conducted in three steps including two written examination and one includes interview. Paper 1 is related to General Studies and Paper 2 is related to Aptitude Test. Both the papers comprises of 200 marks.

While attempting the question paper of IPS Exam, students should focus on certain points such as applicants should focus on attempting easy questions first. Leave all those difficult questions which will consume time and too much thinking while answering the answer. Students should not think that guesses would be beneficial because one wrong guess would result in negative marking.

Students should definitely practice questions for reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude Test. Students should stay focused especially the ones belonging to the General category. Cut – off for General category candidates is higher than for reserved category candidates such as SC/ST/OBC.

Cracking IPS Examination is not easy at all because it is conducted on national level. Students need at least two to three years for proper preparation. First of all students should divide their time according to their subjects and weak subjects.


IPS Experts Guidance

We bring you some of the tips from the person who appeared in IPS Exam and cleared it in first attempt. Proper guidance is a must have for the students appearing in this toughest exam. It may happen that some of the students take up this IPS Exam under pressure of their parents. IPS Exam is about one’s interest and one’s capabilities.  


Make Planning and Strategy for IPS

Proper guidance can be of any person whether friend, guardian, teacher, normal classmate or a very famous personality. To become a hero, one has to have someone’s guidance and then, follow their step. Examination becomes easy when the student adopt the right type of strategy. Strategy can be made by anyone. Generally strategy includes breakups, time management, healthy diet and proper rest.


IPS Exam Facts and Opinions 

IPS Exam requires both the facts and opinions and therefore, one should thoroughly build up their knowledge and opinion about the concerned subject or particular topic.


Focus on Daily Affairs and events

One should not run from here and there for current affairs. Simply take help of daily newspaper and news channels. Go for English newspaper as it will also increase your vocabulary knowledge and one can also get to know the writing style for particular topic.


Go through the whole IPS syllabus

Mug up the syllabus which means that learn and understand everything inside the syllabus. Make your basics very clear. Questions are generally asked from the new syllabus. Therefore, students should properly go through the latest and added syllabus.


Balanced approach will bring fruitful results

Keep a balanced approach towards optional as some questions can confuse you at outmost. Syllabus of optional subjects are also vast, sp candidates often have many books to cover the topics but they cannot read all of them so here also being selective is very important. Try to read standard books and recollect the points what you have read and how it is useful in writing the answers. Selective study hopes you to answer any question asked on that topic.


IPS Selective Study

When it comes to selective study, do not leave important topics in a hope that they will come for just 10 or 20 marks. Students should not be left out for hope. Running from difficult topics will bring no help because half the syllabus comprises of tough topics.


Practice makes a man perfect

Make more and more practices of writing answers. Keep writing a lot so that your speed increases and you do not lack behind in writing those answers which are perfectly known by you. Do not cross the world limit as exceeding word limit may lead to negative marking. Statistics is very important and scoring part. Therefore, one should definitely clear statistics basics.


Command over communicational skills

IPS Interviews are not at all easy to crack. There are so many people out there who have cleared both the written examination but lacks in communicational skills and in the way of presenting themselves.  Basically a personality test is done of the applicant so that they can see whether the individual is appropriate enough to represent the nation. Applicant need to have maturity, rationality, good and fast communicational skills, concentration, good looking, intellectual all together at once. Interviewer not just checks the intelligence but also sees if the candidate knows about the social happenings and how much do he or she has the guts to share their view point in front of everyone.


Must have qualities of an individual

Mentioned things such as power of keeping your viewpoint, moral integrity, intellectual power, critical analysis and logical exposition of the things is very important.


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