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How to prepare for Intermediate Exams

The candidates appearing for the 12th board exams need to know its importance. The 12th board exams mark the end of school life and begin the career. After the 12th whatever field the candidate enters has a lot of significance and value. Top companies will recruit you on the basis of your knowledge after the Intermediate level exams. Upto the 12th it’s a common platform and not much depends upon it. Once the Intermediate exams are out everything depends upon the marks you scored and in which area. Candidates can find below a number of tips on how to prepare for this intermediate level of exams –

Tips on Science at Intermediate level –

     1. Physics –

  • Fundamentals and concepts on the subject need to be clear.
  • The exam will contain a lot of formula based questions
  • Formulas and theorems need to be revised properly.
  • Practice as many questions and numerical as possible.
  • Try and solve at least 10 numerical everyday from any given topic.
  • Complete one chapter in full depth and the move on to the next one.
  • Try to finish the relatively easier topics in the beginning.
  • The easier topics are Modern Physics, Optics, Oscillation and waves, Heat and thermodynamics.
  • Sure shot marks are guarantees in formula based questions.


     2. Chemistry –

  • This is a high scoring subject which is less time consuming as well.
  • The questions are fact based and can be solved very quickly.
  • These questions boost the confidence of the candidates.
  • Speed and accuracy levels are tested in this exam.
  • Organic and in-organic chemistry both are to be prepared equally.
  • All the formula need to be practiced again and again
  • Make notes of all the important stuff point wise in this subject.


      3. Biology –

  • This subject includes a lot of diagrams as well as theory.
  • Sharp memory is required in this subject.
  • Practice the spelling of bigger terms and their meaning properly.
  • Make a schedule to prepare and study for this exam.
  • Develop a learning style as well as a pattern.
  • Use visual devices like charts, pictures, maps and drawings in this subject.


     4. Mathematics

  • The concepts and fundamentals need to be clear.
  • Practice all types of questions as much as possible.
  • Learn the shortcut methods on different types of problems.
  • Do not do silly mistakes and improve these skills during practice.
  • All formulae chapter wise need to be learnt.
  • Learn common square root and cubic roots by heart.
  • Mental mathematics to be increased so that the speed is improved.
  • Try to first use conventional methods and then use shortcuts on the same problem.
  • Practice of different problems will make you better in this area


      5. Commerce

  • This subject is based totally on fundaments and calculations.
  • All calculations need to be shown and done properly step wise.
  • There are different formats for different types of accounts.
  • Partial marking is always required to ensure more marks.
  • Always attempt the questions as step is marking is present.
  • Draw neat formats using a sharp pencil.
  • Regular practice is required in this subject.


      6. Economics

  • All terms need to be learnt as well as remembered.
  • A lot of calculations and diagrams are there in this subject.
  • Theoretical part is the most important.
  • Memorize the formula as well.
  • Make short notes and learn properly.


      7. Humanities

  • This topic contains all facts recorded by historians.
  • Sharp memory is required.
  • Candidates have to read, memorize and remember all important dates.
  • Take frequent breaks in-between the topics.
  • This subject requires healthy discussions with friends as well.
  • The mind needs to be stimulated to get all the ideas together.


      8. Political Science

  • World politics and National politics need to be properly studied.
  • Focus on current affairs and recent political developments.


      9. Sociology

  • Good knowledge about social concepts is required.
  • Study each and every page of the book.
  • Learn the RTI Act.

General tips on how to prepare for Intermediate or 12th Board exams -

  • Candidates should know the entire syllabus for all the subjects.
  • Note down important points and make notes for all subjects.
  • Practice as many questions as possible.
  • Prepare a proper schedule with timelines.
  • Maintain and follow that schedule.
  • Read all the questions carefully before moving ahead.
  • Be mentally alert and positive during the exam.
  • Do not get stressed out or nervous before the exam.
  • Be patient and keep answering the questions one by one.
  • Take a quick glance at the paper as soon as you get it.
  • Start answering all the easy questions first and then move ahead.
  • Do not waste time in the beginning on difficult questions.
  • Revise and re-check the paper at the end.


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