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How to prepare for HR – Human Resource

Preparing for an HR interview is one of the most common things a candidate faces these days. When a candidate applies to any company, the first thing that happens is that they meet the HR of that company. HR round is basically the first step towards entering a company. Given below is a list of details on how to prepare for HR round and what to expect from the HR team.

Details about the HR Interview –

  • HR interview is the first step towards achieving a job in your dream company.
  • It is the duty of HR to judge your personality, strengths and weakness.
  • HR does a background check about you as well.
  • The duty of the candidate is to make sure the HR gets convinced that you are ideal for the job.
  • If a candidate fails the HR round then he/she will not be entertained ahead.
  • However, clearance of the HR round does not guarantee a job.
  • After clearance of HR round you have the technical round as well as a meeting with the M.D.
  • The meeting with the M.D may depend upon the level of the post and the company structure.

How to prepare for HR interview –

  • Study in depth about the company profile.
  • Study about the vacancy and the type of skill set required.
  • Equip yourself with all the information possible.
  • Match your current profile with the company position.
  • Prepare yourself to talk on why you should be selected.
  • Be formally dressed and be organized with your documents.
  • Study your resume.
  • Be double sure about all the details mentioned in it.
  • Be confident when HR asks questions from the resume.
  • Check the company website before the interview.
  • Understand the company model and how they work.
  • Understand the company policies beforehand and their products and services.
  • Check the hierarchy structure of the company.
  • See the LinkedIn profiles of at least the person whom you are going to meet.
  • Know the competitors of the company beforehand.
  • Have a mental interview with yourself first and then go ahead to the company.

Few basic questions asked and how to prepare for them in HR interview – 

  • Tell me about yourself.
    • The question mainly focuses on your family and educational background.
    • You can move onto about your career growth later.
    • Be brief in the introduction and don’t make it too lengthy.
  • Why do you want to change your company?
    • The answer should be positive only.
    • The reason should sound genuine.
    • Best answer is “looking for a better growth and more opportunities”.
  • Why do you think you are suitable for this job?
    • Here the talent, skills possessed by the candidate has to be talked upon.
    • Past experiences and references can also be given.
  • How well will you handle pressure situations?
    • This is a very specific answer and has to be answered with an example.
    • One may talk about their skills in that situation in full depth.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Always talk about both these areas in a positive way.
    • Any negative answer will have adverse effects.
    • One cannot say that I have no weakness at all.
  • What are your achievements so far?
    • In this area you can talk about all the certifications and achievements done in the previous organization.
    • Also one can talk contributions to the society as well.
  • What is your salary expectation?
    • This is also a tricky area. Never quote the exact figure.
    • Mention the percentage hike or approximate salary you are looking at.
  • Prepare a set of questions for them as well.   
    • The growth plan of the candidate.
    • The career plan.
    • Rules and regulations.

On the day of the HR interview –

  • Be yourself only.
  • Wear comfortable formal clothes.
  • Shoes need to be polished.
  • Carry a handkerchief.
  • Carry a hard copy of the resume.
  • Listen to the interviewer carefully.
  • Don’t give arrogant answers.
  • Do not brag about yourself.
  • Be very gentle and polite.
  • The cell phones need to be on silent mode.

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