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How to prepare for GD - Group Discussion

Group Discussion Overview –

The preparation for Group Discussion is a tricky aspect. This is because one can never know the topic beforehand. Sometimes the topics are too simple like the weather in the city while at other times; they are more technical in nature. Therefore, whatever GD is for, it is important for you to have in-depth understanding of that subject.

In a GD, knowledge of the candidate and other aspects are tested. Therefore, how you prepare for Group discussion makes a lot of difference to the end result. Whether you are thorough with the subjects, current affairs etc. is important while how well you point your point forward, that also has an impact on the result.


Details about Group Discussion –

  • Group discussion is a technique used mostly by all B-Schools and colleges these days.
  • GD analyses the behavioural traits in a person and tests the social skills to a large extent.
  • Your get tested on leadership skills and problem solving skills in a team.
  • The basic meaning of GD is discussion in a group. Therefore, how you conduct yourself in a social setting and how well you justify your point in front of others is also scored upon.
  • Any general topic of discussion is given to the group for analyses.
  • Many times case studies are provided to the candidates to get into deeper discussions.
  • Group discussion tests the candidates on knowledge and awareness as well.
  • Generally a group of 6 to 12 people is used for Group discussions.
  • The duration of the group discussion generally varies between 10 to 30 minutes.
  • The ability to cope with any random topic is tested as well.
  • Group discussion acts as a mass elimination tool.
  • Group discussion helps the recruiters analyze the personality of the candidate much faster.
  • Each assessor will be analyzing 3-4 candidates during the group discussion. Therefore, one should be prepared for a scrutiny under hawk-eye.


How to prepare for Group discussion –

  • There are no set of defined rules for a GD as such.
  • Stock yourself with as much information as possible.
  • Topics like – Current affairs, Historical topics, Sports, Arts & Literature, Data crunching need to be covered in full depth.
  • Be up to date with the newspaper and local news at all times.
  • At the GD, understand the topic completely before you put your point forward.
  • Think of points which no one else would think off.
  • Develop a few sharp and precise ideas.
  • Out of the box thinking ideas is welcomed.
  • Communicate your ideas in an effective manner.
  • Prepare yourself for cross questions.
  • Answer the cross questions in a very logical way.
  • Understand the dynamics in the group.
  • Try to be in control of the group discussion.
  • Always counter the view of another with logical points only. Don’t cross someone just for the sake of it.
  • At the end, always conclude the GD.
  • In the conclusion include everyone’s points.
  • Give everyone a chance to speak up.
  • Be a team player as well as a leader.


General tips on how to be prepared on the day of GD –

  • Dress in comfortable clothes but be formally dressed.
  • Be confident and yet not over-confident.
  • Listen carefully before speaking up.
  • Talk to the point and precise.
  • Use easy English and be expressive so that your point is understood well.
  • Don’t be too aggressive.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.
  • Do not cut any otherindividual in the middle of their views.
  • Always encourage fellow group members to participate.
  • Give importance to other people’s views.
  • Try to be the first as well as the last to speak.
  • Note down points in the middle of the discussion. This will help you be more participative.
  • Be very attentive and do not ignore the presence of others.
  • Do not get excited during the Group Discussion.
  • Try to contribute throughout the course of the Group Discussion.
  • Follow your basic courtesy and etiquettes.

Keep all of these points in your mind before you head for a GD test. Also, it is important for one to practice therefore try and have discussions with your peers in a casual manner and notice their results/opinions after the discussion. Be opinionated but don’t ignore or shun the opinions of others. Be attentive, listen and then express your point. Use a courteous language and encourage others to reach to a conclusion as well. And as we have said above, don’t try and be the leader of the group, rather prove yourself to be a team player!


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