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How to prepare for Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is a type of test that checks candidate’s potential to perform. It consists of multiple choice questions with a time limit. It evaluates candidate’s performance in a certain task without any prior knowledge or training. Generally, it consists of three sections- Numerical ability, Logical reasoning and English grammar. But if it concerned with a particular field then it might have questions related to that field too. In simple language, it checks candidate’s ability to perform well under restricted conditions with a time limit. It does not test knowledge; it checks your logic to tackle simple problems.

Aptitude Test Exam Pattern –

  • The questions can be asked online or on paper.
  • Nowadays online mode is in trend.
  • Online test gives result as soon as you finish it and it is cost effective as well.
  • You can also give it at home as well as in concerned premises. 

Aptitude test Syllabus:

Aptitude test usually consists of sections such as English Grammar, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning.

  • English Grammar:
    • This section checks the reading ability and linguistic skills of a candidate.
    • It includes questions based on passages.
    • These questions require basic reading skills and ability to deduce answers from the information being provided in passage.
    • It also consists of questions based on vocabulary which tests your linguistic ability.
    • It comprises questions based on spelling error, grammatical error, sentence rearrangement etc.
  • Numerical ability:
    • This section includes basic calculations.
    • A candidate is not supposed to use calculator.
    • It covers questions from sections such as Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication), Number sequence, Data Interpretation (pie charts, and graphs), Word problems and basic geometry concepts.
  • Reasoning:
    • This section is designed to check your logical thinking. 
    • It includes questions from verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.
    • Verbal reasoning uses words and numbers while non-verbal reasoning uses figures and patterns to check your intelligence.
    • Verbal reasoning includes questions from topics like arrangement, Decision making, Conclusion, digit based questions, puzzles etc.
    • On whole, this section tests your decisions based on logical thinking.

Do’s and Don’ts for Aptitude test

  1. Be specific regarding your preparation as you must know what you are preparing for.
  2. Do practice as much as you can, to get familiarize with the questions.
  3. As it is said “Practice makes a man perfect”, practice basis your same test papers and it will help you on the final test day.
  4. Do take mock test and solve sample papers on regular basis. This will teach you how to deal with stress on the day of the actual test.
  5. It will help you know your areas of improvement.
  6. Mock tests make you more confident and sure about your skills 
  7. Aptitude test is supposed to give with a free and fresh mind.
  8. You must take at least 6 hours sleep per day.
  9. Concentration is needed while giving a test.
  10. Try to be stress free and focus your mind on your test only.
  11. For English Grammar, do learn the rules on your tips.
  12. It will make error detection easier.
  13. Read as much as you can.
  14. Observe the sentence formation.
  15. Mark important or unique words.
  16. Look for their synonyms, antonyms and their usage in a sentence.
  17. In order to master the test, do practice quizzes and tests available to you.
  18. Analyse your every test after finishing it.
  19. Take assistance from experienced person who can help you to improve your performance.
  20. If there is anything that you have a doubt in, ask your seniors, teacher or anyone who has enough knowledge to give you a solution.
  21. Having knowledge is not sufficient for this test.
  22. Your accuracy must be high.
  23. To get selection, you have to be faster and more accurate than you competitors.
  24. Do not mark answers on basis of assumption.
  25. Do not stick to one question.
  26. If you are having a problem in a particular question, move on to another one.
  27. Remember you don’t have a whole day for the test.
  28. Do not think too much about the test before the final test day as this will make you nervous.
  29. Relax yourself and try to give exam with stress free mind.
  30. Make your strategy to attempt the test.
  31. Do follow the strategy.
  32. Read questions carefully before marking your answer.
  33. Refer books for different types of questions and their explanations.
  34. As internet is in trend, you can find variety of question various education websites as well along with the explained solution.
  35. Make sure there is no disturbance while you are giving you online aptitude mock test.
  36. Make sure you have a good internet connection while giving an online mock.

In the end we can say that, “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”. So stick to your aim until you get it.

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